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Learn Where the Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections Are in Montgomery, AL

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Our Montgomery Car Accident Lawyers’ List of the Most Accident-Prone Areas

The capital of the beautiful state of Alabama is a great place to live. There are so many historic monuments to visit and exciting things to see. However, living in a city also means dealing with heavy traffic. Between tourists, holiday shoppers, and commuters, our roads and intersections can become easily clogged, leading to serious and even fatal accidents.

For this reason, our Montgomery car accident lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law have compiled a list of some of our city’s most dangerous roads and intersections. Please be cautious when traveling through these accident-prone parts of town.

And remember, if you’re involved in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, our Montgomery car accident lawyers are here to help!

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Taylor Road at Interstate 85

This area is frequently congested with distracted drivers, making it a hot spot for accidents, especially around the holidays. It is also a convenient exit for I-85. If you’re planning to drive to the Eastchase Shopping Center, be careful!

Eastern Boulevard at Carmichael Road

You may be surprised to see this road on our list, but Carmichael Road sees a lot of traffic every day. Many people use this road as a shortcut to get from Perry Hill Road to Eastern Boulevard to avoid using the interstate. Be cautious if you choose to take this route.

Eastern Boulevard at I-85

While Eastern Boulevard is not as busy as Carmichael Road, it helps around 30,000-40,000 drivers get through the city every day. If you have driven this road, you likely know first-hand just how busy it can get, not to mention how long the stop lights can take, as they don’t run on a self-adapting system. Give yourself plenty of buffer time if you need to use this road.

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Troy Highway at Virginia Loop Road

This intersection sees a lot of runoff from the busy Eastern Boulevard. Coupled with the fact that it also serves as a way for drivers to get to Taylor Road, this area tends to have a lot of traffic. It’s important to always remain alert, especially when driving through this part of town.

Chantilly Parkway at I-85

Similar to Taylor Road, this intersection gets congested with distracted shoppers. As a result, it’s the site of many dangerous collisions. For this reason, the Alabama Department of Transportation decided to make changes to the road that it hoped would alleviate some of the pressure caused by the approximately 40,000 daily drivers.

South Boulevard at Woodley Road 

Our city has a number of larger streets that take drivers east to west. However, there are fewer roads that run north to south. Woodley Road connects the heart of Montgomery to the south part of town. Along with the traffic from South Boulevard and those coming to and from the hospital, this intersection is very busy, especially around rush hour.

Red Light Cameras: Helpful or Hurtful? 

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Montgomery has faced a serious issue of drivers running red lights to the point where officials saw it necessary to install cameras at some of the more dangerous intersections. These cameras capture images of drivers who run red lights.

While these cameras may help reduce the number of people running red lights, they have been known to cause drivers to slam on their brakes to avoid a ticket, resulting in an increase of rear-end collisions.

Please remember to gradually apply your brakes when you’re approaching any red light. The following is a partial list of the intersections in Montgomery that have red light cameras:

  • West Boulevard and Birmingham Highway
  • Selma Highway and Mobile Highway
  • Taylor Road and Troy Highway
  • Vaughn Road and Ray Thorington Road
  • Vaughn Road and Bell Road

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We hope our list of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Montgomery encourages the residents of our community to navigate the roads with caution.

However, we understand that accidents happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. One of our Montgomery car accident lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law can help you determine if you have sufficient grounds for a claim.

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