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Checklist: What to Do After a Car Accident in Montgomery

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The first few moments after a car accident are a whirlwind of emotion and maybe even pain. You certainly feel confused, scared, and possibly angry. You’re not sure what happened or what to do next.

In the midst of all this chaos, it’s important to try to keep a clear head and take the right steps. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, your actions can either support or hurt your ability to get any money you’re owed for your injuries and other losses.

Learn what you need to do after a car accident and how our Montgomery car accident lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law can help.

Call for Help From First Responders

The very first thing you should do is call for help from first responders. A 911 call should bring police and paramedics to the scene. Once help arrives, it’s important that you’re evaluated by medical personnel, even if you don’t feel seriously injured.

Also, talk to the police and tell them the facts of the accident and any pain you’re experiencing so they can include it in the police report. This can serve as important information to support your claim later on.

Move Out of Danger

Are either or both of the cars still able to be driven? If so, move them to the side of the road. The goal is to make sure that no one else is hurt by oncoming traffic. Likewise, make sure anyone who is safe to move is clear of any danger. If people or vehicles can’t be safely moved, wait until help arrives.

Exchange Information

Two drivers exchanging information after a car accidentExchange contact information with the other driver and any witnesses. Also, get the insurance information from the other driver. If they refuse, the police can ask them for it. The contact information of any witnesses can become important later on if they are willing to testify to what they saw.

Take Pictures and Gather Evidence

Next, you’ll want to make as detailed a record of the accident as you can. Use your phone to snap photos of the scene, any injuries, and the damage done to both vehicles. Take photos from as many angles as possible, including skid marks or other property damage.

It can even be helpful to draw a diagram of what happened and take notes exactly as you remember the accident. All of this information can serve as valuable evidence to build your case later on.

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