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How Do I Get the Most Money From a Car Accident in Alabama?

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If you were injured in a car accident in Montgomery, AL, you have a lot of costs heading your way. The medical bills alone can be tough, but you may also have to consider lost wages and property damage. That’s why it’s important to try to get as much compensation as possible. How do you get the most money from a car accident in Montgomery, AL? These tips can put you in the best position for a high payout.

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Seek Medical Attention

woman receiving medical attention after a car accident

Receiving a medical evaluation is one of the most important steps after an accident if you want to seek the maximum settlement amount possible. Even if you feel that your injuries aren’t all that severe, seeing a doctor is always better for both your case and your physical health. Sometimes, injuries sustained in car accidents don’t show up right away. If you don’t notice your injuries until days after your accident, and you did not get a medical evaluation, your case may be dismissed entirely.

Keep Track of Documentation

Keeping track of your medical records is just the beginning of the documentation you’ll need. For every bit of economic damages you file for, you’ll need accompanying documentation that explicitly shows the losses you suffered due to the accident. For example, you’ll need to track your medical bills. You’ll need receipts and statements for any car repairs you have done. You’ll even need records showing your salary and how many hours of work you missed when you file for lost wages.

Don’t Rely on the Insurance Company

insurance adjuster inspecting damage after a car accidentOne of the most common mistakes resulting in reduced potential compensation is relying too much on the insurance company. When you contact insurance companies, they’re going to offer you a settlement after conducting their own investigation. This settlement will rarely be what you deserve. Remember, insurance companies aren’t there to help you. They exist for profit, and a major source of that profit is withholding as much compensation as they think they can get away with.

Act Fast

In the state of Alabama, there is a two-year statute of limitations for car accident claims. This two-year countdown starts from the time of your accident. Once that time has passed, your claim can be dismissed outright, as it’s considered time-barred. Some insurance companies even seek to take advantage of this by dragging out proceedings and negotiations as long as they can until your time is up.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

The best way to get the most money from a car accident in Montgomery, AL, is to hire a local auto accident lawyer. That’s where the Thumbs Up Guys® can help. At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, we’ll give your case the personal attention it deserves and put our years of experience and history of successful cases to work for you. Fill out our free online form today for a free consultation with the Thumbs Up Guys®.