Winter 2020: Montgomery Auto Body Shop Awards

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Our Montgomery, Alabama, Car Accident Lawyers’ Top 5 Body Shop Choices

Now that winter is upon us, car repairs are inevitable. The temperatures are colder, road conditions are worse, and engines are overrun with electricity going to seat warmers and defrosting the windshield. It’s no secret that colder weather is harder on your vehicle, so who do you call when the winter blues have your car in a winter snooze? A local body shop!

However, finding an auto body shop you can trust to provide reliable services at a fair price can be easier said than done. At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, our Montgomery, AL, car accident lawyers have been helping our clients find affordable and trustworthy car repair services for years. Many times, car accident victims are left with extensive damage to their vehicles.

Through our years of experience, we have worked with some of the best body shops in town. If your car is in need of work, check out our list of the top five body shops in Montgomery and tell them Floyd Hunter sent you!

Action Collision


Google Rating: 4.3 Stars

A locally owned and operated family business in Montgomery, you can’t go wrong with Action Collision. Unlike some major franchises, Mike and Lynne Warren have a vested interest in their company and have spent over 30 years growing a business that puts the needs of their customers first.

Mike, Lynne, and the staff at Action Collision are truly committed to exceeding expectations and going the extra mile for their customers. They offer a wide range of services all priced at affordable rates to help you handle any winter car troubles, from simple repairs to major damage.

Helpful Review:
“I had some significant damage to the front end of my vehicle. These guys did a great job fixing it. They gave me an estimate on when they would have the repairs done and ended up having it done a few days before they predicted they would. Upon getting back into my vehicle, I realized that they had even washed my car and basically detailed the inside of it. It was much cleaner than when I had dropped it off. I highly recommend using this facility for any vehicle repairs you may need.” – Brandon D.

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center


Google Rating: 4.8 Stars

Serving local communities since 1989, Joe Hudson’s Collision Centers are located in several places across Alabama and a number of other southern states. Its years of experience and state of the art services allow the company to handle bigger repair jobs. So, whether you’ve been in a serious fender bender or need a winter touch up, Joe Hudson’s Collision Center has you covered. With their vast resources and reputation for top quality service in the community, this is an auto body shop you can count on!

Helpful Review:
“I had a minor fender bender in my van, and Joe Hudson Collision on Taylor Road got me in the next day for a quote, and had it repaired quickly and efficiently. They did a really great job. The van looks brand new again like nothing ever happened. The staff is super courteous and was always willing to answer questions or help. I definitely recommend this location.” – Matthew H.

Toyota of Montgomery


Google Rating: 4.1 Stars

The body shop at the Toyota dealership on Dalphon Rd. has certified repair, paint, and body specialists who can take on any cosmetic or collision issues you may face this winter. Their friendly and efficient staff will have your vehicle looking like new in no time.

What’s more, if you need a rental car while yours is being repaired, their collision center has a great selection of Toyota vehicles available. Call Toyota of Montgomery to get back on the road!

Helpful Review:
“Donald and Russell have impressed me so much. They’re always ready to help – even in a multi-step repair! I feel comfortable going in, they’re always respectful and helpful, and I would recommend them to anyone! It’s so refreshing to have wonderful customer service – but to have it time after time is true quality.” – Megan H.

Legendary Performance


Google Rating: 4.9 Stars

There is something to be said about a repair shop that hopes you don’t have to come in to see them. Known for their honesty and fairness, Legendary Performance works hard to ensure your vehicle won’t have to have another repair for as long as possible.

Their staff prides themselves on providing dependable services that get cars running as if they were brand new. If sleet and salt have your car feeling the aches and pains of winter weather, Legendary Performance will have it ready for a trip to the beach in no time.

Helpful Review:
“I would recommend Terry to anyone for auto repair! It is awesome to take your car to someone who is honest and fair. Terry repaired my vehicle in a quick time period and at a great price. A friend who had the exact same issue with their truck paid much more than Terry charged me. It was a blessing to work with Legendary Performance. I’m very pleased!” – Alex H.

Precision Body & Paint


Google Rating: 4.4 Stars

Located on Atlanta Hwy, Precision Body & Paint has been offering expert service at a reasonable price since 1986. They pride themselves on working with the best repair specialists while maintaining fair prices. With attention to detail and 100% customer satisfaction being their mantra, you can feel confident that your vehicle will be fixed right the first time.

Helpful Review:
“I brought my 2018 Silverado Truck to Precision when the front was badly damaged. This was during a time when no one else had a date, other than 3 weeks or more before they could take my truck for repair. But Precision did, and they had my truck back in a week. I would recommend Precision to anyone looking for great service!!” – Dariel J.

We’re Not Just Your Attorney, We’re Your Advocate

We hope our list of the top five auto body shops in Montgomery will help make your decision easier! Whether you’ve been involved in an accident or your car has broken down, dealing with car repairs can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention an expense you weren’t expecting.

As Montgomery, AL, car accident lawyers, we have seen countless individuals who have suffered serious injuries and damage to their vehicles. Without your car, you may have no way to get your child to school or drive to work and doctor’s appointments. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and the cost of repairs to your vehicle.

From negotiating with insurance adjusters to finding the best auto body shop for your car, our team at Floyd Hunter Injury Law is here to help you every step of the way. We’re not just your attorney, we’re your advocate.

If you have any questions about our car repair recommendations or your legal rights, call us today at (334) 452-4000 or fill out our online case evaluation form. We’re here for you, Montgomery!