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Industrial Accidents

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An industrial accident is defined as a large-scale accident caused by an industrial company that affects a large number of people in a large area.

Take for example the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill, which occurred in 2010. It is the largest marine oil spill in history, affecting about 41 miles of the Gulf of Mexico. This industrial accident put thousands out of work affecting local business and employees, polluting beaches and harming animals.

The accident, which caused many to be put out of work, many to endure serious injuries, and families to suffer the loss of a loved one, was caused when a surge of natural gas ran through a concrete core that was too weak to support such pressure.

Accidents like these are preventable, but when they occur, they can cause serious amounts of damage. At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, we can help you get the compensation you and your family deserve to help pay for any medical bills, lost wages or funeral expenses.

How to Prevent an Industrial Accident

  • Proper Safety Measures – It is critical to make sure all employees are aware of the proper safety measures in place in order to avoid accidents. The government provides a list of guidelines to abide by, and properly follow for all areas of practice.
  • Make Sure to Properly Select Employees – Each job is different and requires certain strengths. It is important to carefully select employees for tasks that best fit their skill sets.
  • Enforce Disciplinary Measures – All disciplinary measures should be enforced this can include warnings, lay off, terminations – depending on the severity.
  • Proper Maintenance – Accidents are more likely to occur if machines, equipment, and infrastructural facilities are not properly maintained. All equipment should be frequently inspected.
  • Safety Training Should be a Priority – All workers should be given proper safety training courses, and these courses should be updated regularly.

The Three Most Common Hazards

  • Fire – Fires are the most common cause of an industrial accident. A fire can cause severe damage to physical structures and give off toxic fumes that harm those in or around the fire. Industrial fires can affect essential services by damaging power supplies, which could cause an explosion.
  • Explosion – An explosion can be characterized by a shock-wave usually heard as a loud bang. The indirect effects – collapsing building and debris – can cause severe injuries.
  • Toxic Release – A sudden release of toxins into the air can cause serious injuries and even death in some cases. Toxic materials can be carried a lengthy distance depending on where they are released, thus affecting surrounding areas and potentially causing a public health hazard.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an industrial accident due to the negligence of a large corporation, call Floyd Hunter Injury Law today. We will go over each step of your case with you, and stand up to these large companies in order to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

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