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Does Alabama’s Ignition Interlock System Help Reduce Drunk Driving Occurrences?

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Alabama recently passed a law which makes it mandatory for all first-time DUI offenders to have an “Ignition Interlock System” installed in their vehicle. These systems function as a breathalyzer test wired to the car’s engine. This would prevent a driver who registers a BAC above the legal limit of .08% from starting his or her car.

The law unanimously passed in the House last week. Lawmakers hope that this new law will reduce the number of preventable drunk driving crashes, accidents and fatalities.

The first attempt at an ignition interlock law in Alabama was passed in 2014. However, this amended law closes a loophole where DUI offenders, who had been referred to rehabilitative programs instead of criminal prosecution, were not required to use ignition interlock systems.

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How Prevalent Are Drunk Driving Fatalities in Alabama?

A recent study showed that in 2016, more than 1,000 people were killed in car accidents in Alabama. 279 of those were caused by drunk driving, accounting for nearly 27% of the state’s traffic fatalities.

Will the new law be successful in reducing the number of drunk driving tragedies in the state? Time will tell, but we can look at current data as predictors.

How Effective Are Ignition Interlock Systems?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ignition interlock systems can reduce DUIs by approximately 70%. In terms of fatalities, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that ignition interlock systems reduce the number of drunk driving fatalities by 7%.

Buzzed driving is never okay. Your decision to drive after consuming alcohol could lead to terrible and irreversible consequences.  Don’t become a statistic.

Please follow these simple steps to help ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

What Should You Do to Prevent Drinking and Driving?

  • Use Uber, Lyft or other car services – don’t drive drunk
  • Call a trusted friend or family member who is sober to pick you up
  • Stay where you are, and sleep it off
  • Don’t let friends or family members drive drunk
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, call the police

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