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Eight Tips For Driving Safely in Montgomery Winter Weather Conditions

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Driving in winter weather conditions can be dangerous, and for Alabama residents who are not used to driving in snow and ice, driving in these conditions can be even more of a challenge.

Alabama experienced snowfall on Friday, which caused concerns for icing on the roads. Central Alabama, including Montgomery, was under a Winter Weather Advisory through Saturday morning and received about two inches of snow. Areas in east central Alabama received up to 10 inches of snow.

This marks the first time that it snowed in Alabama in December since 2010. For those who may be a little rusty driving in snow, and everyone else in between, it is important to know these winter weather driving tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Check out these Winter Weather Driving Tips from AAA:

  • Drive Slowly-Although you may have many places to be, when driving in the snow, you can’t drive as fast as the regular speed limit due to slippery roads. Take your time.
  • Keep Your Distance– Make sure there is sufficient space between you and other vehicles. The distance should be 8 to 10 ft to ensure you have plenty of time to stop if needed.
  • Be Careful on Hills-Don’t apply too much gas or your wheels can spin. Step on the gas before you reach an upward hill, then coast, and reduce speed when going on a downward hill.
  • Keep Your Gas Tank Full-To avoid gas-line freeze up, make sure to keep your tank at least halfway full. Or to be fully safe, keep a full tank of gas in case you get stuck, and need your heater running until someone gets you or until help arrives.
  • Inflate Your Tires-Before driving in the snow, make sure your tires are inflated with enough air.
  • Don’t Use Your Parking Break– Try to refrain from using your parking break in adverse weather.
  • Pump Your Brakes – When trying to stop, pump your brakes, do not slam on your brakes. Pump slowly, and your car will respond.
  • Watch Out for Black Ice – Always look for what look to be wet surfaces. This is called black ice, and it is very hard to see, and very slippery. You cannot control your vehicle on black ice, so be careful. Especially in the evening hours, when temperatures drop below 33 degrees, that is when black ice happens.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, nearly 22% of all vehicle accidents are caused by extreme weather conditions. Of these weather-related crashes, 17% were attributed to snow or sleet on the roads, and 13% were caused by ice. By following the tips above, you can safely and calmly travel in the snowy weather and avoid becoming a statistic of weather-related accidents.

And remember, if the weather is too severe and you do not feel safe driving, stay at home. There is no reason to risk your safety!

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