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Alabama’s Motor Vehicle Accident Fatality Rate Nearly Double The National Average

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According to the CDC, Alabama has a motor vehicle accident fatality rate that is almost double the national average. This means 50% more accident related fatalities occur in Alabama then in many other states. And distracted driving is the #1 leading cause of car accidents, and the third leading cause of fatal accidents in Alabama.

With statics like these, we all need to do our part to educate our family and friends, and work to prevent texting & driving, and drinking & driving. These two preventable actions lead to many unnecessary car accidents and stopping these two simple actions could reduce car accident fatalities and serious injuries greatly.

Over the past 5 years, there has been a decrease in car accident fatalities attributed to increased safety features in the cars on the road. However, in 2016 the U.S. Department of transportation noted seeing fatal accidents back on the rise at an alarming rate. Many of these accidents are being attributed to human decisions and error.

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Common Auto Accident Causes In Alabama

  • Mobile device use, texting and phone calls
  • Looking at and imputing GPS directions and mapping devices
  • Distracted driver due to children and other passengers in vehicle
  • Taking your eyes off the road for a moment to pick up a fallen item
  • Changing music, in an instant a fatal crash can happen
  • Taking photos while driving, and not paying attention
  • Updating social media apps
  • Personal grooming

Every single one of the above actions is a choice; a choice that can take your life, or the lives of others driving. Please let’s all work together and drive more safety and responsibly on Alabama’s roads. It is critical that all drivers, of all ages never take your eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel.

Safety Tips

  • Do not drive if you drank any alcohol or took any drugs
  • Stay off your mobile device when driving
  • Always buckle up when you are in a car, driving or a passenger
  • Do not drive if you feel tired – impaired vision and motor skills are factors when you are tired. Make sure you are alert before getting in the car.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings – other cars, pedestrians, bikes, weather, road conditions, etc. You are not alone on the road.
  • Eliminate any foreseen distractions- secure belongings and finish your text or call before driving.
  • Pull over if you need to take your hands of the wheel – whether picking up a fallen item, personal grooming tasks, or taking care of a passenger in the vehicle.

In Alabama, it is a criminal act to use your mobile device while driving. It is also a criminal act if you drink and drive. You will also get a ticket if you are caught speeding or driving without a seat belt.

Educating our teenage students and new drivers early on will help new drivers become responsible drivers.

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