How Safe Are You When Driving Near Large Trucks On Alabama’s Highways?

Truck Accident Animated Stock Photo

Large commercial vehicles are seen on highways transporting goods weighing thousands of pounds. When collisions with large commercial vehicles occur they are among the most horrific of accidents on the road.

A recent accident involving an 18-wheeler took the lives of three on U.S. 231, reminding us just how tragic these accidents can be for other vehicles. The cause of the crash has not been released and the investigation is still ongoing.

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Our sincere condolences go out to the families and victims involved in this tragedy. At Floyd Hunter we want all motorists to be safe along our highways. We would like to share these important safe driving tips. These steps can potentially help prevent truck accidents from occurring and ensure you arrive to your destination safely:

Keep a Safe Distance

Due to the size and weight of large commercial trucks they require more room to brake and maneuver on the road. It is important to always give additional space between you and a large truck.

Large Trucks Make Wide Turns

Large commercial trucks are equipped with warnings to alert motorists of wide turns. Look out for turn signals and never attempt to pass a truck that is about to turn.

Be Seen

Tractor trailers have large blind spots, so it is important to remain visible and avoid blind spots. If you can not see a trucks mirrors it is likely the driver can not see you. Make sure you give warning if you plan to pass or switch lanes.

Safety When Passing

When passing a tractor trailer, make sure to always use your turn signals, and make sure you have enough space ahead of you to pass safely.

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