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Floyd Hunter Co-Sponsors Celebration of Life Tribute Hosted by MADD

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Floyd Hunter has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to co-sponsor MADD’s Celebration of Life Tribute on April 12, 2018, at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

MADD’s mission is to stop drunk driving, help fight against drugged driving, and to support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking.

Floyd Hunter is honored to be part of the Celebration of Life Tribute. The purpose of the event is to:

  • Remember and honor those killed or injured in an impaired driving crash
  • Support the victims and survivors
  • Alert the public about the reality of impaired driving
  • Express hope for a future without impaired drivers getting behind the wheel of motor vehicles

Through the generous donation by Floyd Hunter, MADD will be able to offset the cost of the Celebration of Life Tribute, and will be able to show the numerous volunteers how much they are loved, valued and appreciated for their efforts in helping to save lives on Alabama roadways through education, advocacy and prevention.

Pamela Morton, State Victim Services Coordinator for MADD, expressed her gratitude for Floyd Hunter’s generous donation to help make our communities safer.

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