Alabama House Passes Anti-Road Rage Bill

April 18, 2019 Driving Safety
Cars Driving On A Busy Highway Stock Photo

Recently, the Alabama House of Representatives voted on a bill that would ticket drivers who stay in the left lane on the interstates for more than a mile and a half without passing another vehicle. The goal of the bill is to reduce road rage.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Phillip Pettus who is a former captain of the Alabama State Troopers. He stated the bill will help keep traffic moving and reduce the number of angry drivers who are stuck behind those going slower in the left lanes.

There are exceptions to the rule, including inclement weather, traffic congestion and construction zones where it may not be possible to exit the left lane.

The bill passed in the Hose with a vote of 61-24. It will move on to the Alabama State Senate for a vote.  However, there are questions regarding how law enforcement will be able to enforce the bill.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA):

  • Approximately 80% of drivers admit to road rage
  • 51% of drivers purposely tailgate
  • 47% of drivers yell at other drivers
  • 12% cut off another car on purpose

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