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Learn What You Can Do To Help Prevent Truck Accidents in Alabama

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Attorney Mike White recently appeared on the news with host Ellis Eskew to discuss what drivers need to know about the dangers of tractor trailer accidents and how to avoid them.

Unfortunately, thousands of people die each year in the United States from tractor trailer accidents. In fact, 4,102 people died in crashes with big trucks in 2017.

Mike explained that there are various distinct reasons why accidents between a car and tractor trailer can be incredibly dangerous. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

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1) Weight

The sheer size of the tractor trailer makes accidents even more severe. This is because tractor trailers weight up to 30x more than cars when fully loaded. “When they collide, the car’s going to lose,” Mike said.

2) Breaking Distance

Tractor trailers need 20-40x more of a braking distance to stop than cars. Therefore, you should never follow too closely or change lanes without a sufficient amount of space between you and a tractor trailer.

3) Blind Spots

Tractor trailers have more blind spots than cars due to their size. As Mike said, “When you see signs ‘if you can’t see my mirror, I can’t see you,’ that’s the truth.”

97% of Tractor Trailer Accident Fatality Victims are Car Occupants

With these factors in mind, it’s not difficult to imagine that the majority of fatality victims of tractor trailer accidents are occupants of cars. This number was 97% in 2017.

This is why drivers must take the risks seriously and execute extreme caution when driving near tractor trailers.

What Can Passenger Vehicle Drivers do to Avoid Accidents?

  • Do Not Follow Closely- Trucks need more time and distance to stop. Do not follow a tractor trailer too closely.
  • Give Enough Space When Passing – If you want to pass a tractor trailer, make that you can fully see the tractor trailer far enough away in your rear-view mirror before making a lane change.
  • Be Aware of Blind Spots – Know that tractor trailers have large blind spots around their vehicles where they cannot see you. Remember if you can’t see a driver in their mirrors, they likely can’t see you. You should stay away from these areas.
  • Don’t Cut a Truck Off- Do not try and speed up if a truck is about to come into your lane and then slow down. The truck may not see you and will not be able to slow down. Wait until you can safely pass it later.
  • Be Careful When Trucks Make a Turn- Trucks will need to make very wide turns. If you are behind a truck that is signaling it will turn, pay attention and leave enough space.

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