Being out of work with an injury can be an incredible burden on an individual and a family, especially if it is a lasting injury such as hearing or sight loss. You may feel scared and overwhelmed about your current condition, and wonder how you will be able to afford medical treatment and provide for your family.

At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, we are devoted to your case from the beginning and will make sure you are given the best service our firm has to offer. Your case will be personalized with an experienced attorney that specializes in workers compensation and communicates with you throughout each step.

A work-related accident is an event or exposure to something in your work environment that causes an injury or illness. 3.7 Million people are hurt on the job a year and it is important that you know your rights.


  • Report the injury to your employer.
  • Make sure your employer files a report, obtain a copy of this for yourself.
  • See a company approved doctor. Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. If given work restrictions, make sure to have the doctor give you this in writing.
  • If you belong to a union, make sure you have made them aware of your injury.
  • Keep a written record of events, when you were injured, report to employer date, doctor’s visit, etc.

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