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When an injury happens on the job, your life can turn upside down in an instant. Those Thumbs Up Guys® are here to stand by your side. If you've been injured at work, make sure your first call after getting medical help is to Floyd Hunter. We’re here to ensure you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to.

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If you’re looking for a Millbrook workers’ comp attorney, look no further than Floyd Hunter Injury Law. Workplace injuries can be complex and filing a claim without experienced guidance can result in denied claims or inadequate benefits. Our seasoned lawyers understand the intricacies of Alabama workers’ comp law and will fight tirelessly to protect your rights.

Medical bills, lost wages, and the stress of recovery can overwhelm anyone, but you don’t have to face this challenging time alone. From negotiating with insurance companies to representing you in court if necessary, we are committed to securing the best possible outcome for your case. With a combined eight decades of experience, our attorneys know how to guide you successfully through the recovery journey.

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It only takes one call to get an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your case to help you seek every penny you deserve.

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Injured workers have rights. If you’ve been hurt at work, Those Thumbs Up Guys® will fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

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Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review. We will listen to your story and give you our professional opinion on how to best move forward.

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5 Star Reviews Great Car Accident Lawyers!

Mr. Hunter and his team did an excellent job in assisting me and my family with our injuries claim due to an automobile accident. Thank you so much!

-David W.
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5 Star Reviews Professional Experience

Great experience, very professional. Handled my situation in a reasonable time frame.

-Jamie R.
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5 Star Reviews Grateful for Their Hard Work!

I was not getting anywhere on my own. Once Mr. Hunter got involved, the process began to move along. I am truly grateful for all of their hard work!

-Stephanie D.
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5 Star Reviews Make Clients Top Priority

I highly recommend Floyd Hunter! If you or your family or anyone you may know was in a car wreck, experienced a wrongful death, etc.... You will not regret going here. The lawyers are very professional and make sure clients are the #1 priority.

-Latedra K.
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5 Star Reviews Helped My Family

I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of an accident lawyer. They really helped me and my family. Thank you!

-Shay B.
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5 Star Reviews Top-Notch Injury Law Firm

Jeff and the other lawyers there are top-notch. I am also an attorney, and have had cause to be around these lawyers a lot over the years and I would recommend them to anyone seeking injury representation!

-Arthur R.
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5 Star Reviews Best in Town

This company is the best in town for an injury claim, you can always count on them!

-Torrieo B.
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5 Star Reviews Get the Job Done!

The team at Floyd Hunter are great people. I highly recommend you going to them. I was injured in a car wreck, and my attorney got me the benefits I needed. I would definitely recommend going to them. They get the job done!

-Sheila M.
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5 Star Reviews Professional and Friendly

I highly recommend the Floyd Hunter law firm. Very professional and friendly staff. My experience with them was amazing!!

-Christian S.
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5 Star Reviews Helped Me Every Step of the Way

I highly recommend them for any injury case anyone has, they helped me every step of the way!

-Laqundon D.

Alabama Workers’ Comp Eligibility

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance; even if you are responsible for your injuries, you will typically be able to recover benefits, so long as:

  • Your injury was directly related to your job duties or a workplace incident, and
  • Your employer is covered by Alabama’s workers’ comp laws (usually applicable to businesses with five or more employees).

At Floyd Hunter, our team is well-versed in Alabama workers’ comp laws. We assist in assessing eligibility, guiding you through the claims process, and ensuring accurate and timely documentation.

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Benefits Available to Injured Workers in Millbrook

A Millbrook workers’ compensation settlement should address multiple aspects of the injuries’ effects on your life, including:

  • medical treatment
  • lost wage compensation when unable to work
  • disability benefits for temporary or permanent disability
  • vocational rehabilitation benefits for retraining

During your free initial consultation, a Millbrook workers’ compensation lawyer will review every detail of your circumstances and make sure that you are paid the full benefits you deserve.

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Steps To Take After a Work Injury

  1. Report your work injury to your employer promptly.
  2. Seek medical attention to document your injuries.
  3. Maintain detailed records of medical treatments and missed work time.
  4. Contact a Millbrook workers’ compensation lawyer from Floyd Hunter Injury Law to review your case and handle legal aspects while you focus on recovery.

Millbrook Workers’ Comp FAQs:

In Alabama, when faced with temporary disability or temporary partial disability, there exists a waiting period for benefits. An injured worker won’t be compensated for the initial three days after the disability’s onset unless the employer has been informed of the injury. If the disability persists beyond 21 days, the compensation for those initial three days will be included in the total after the 21-day period.

Workers’ compensation recipients can still qualify for other programs, though their benefits might be impacted. The Thumbs Up Guys® are ready to guide you through your individual situation and benefits. Reach out to Floyd Hunter today for a complimentary case assessment.

Employers provide workers’ compensation benefits either through state-funded programs or private insurance. Employees are not held accountable for covering workers’ compensation benefits.

Call Floyd Hunter–Protect Your Legal Rights Today

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a work-related injury, now is the time to protect your legal rights. With an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Millbrook, you have a formidable ally in your corner. Our dedication to justice and unwavering support for our clients sets us apart. By choosing Floyd Hunter, you’re not just getting a lawyer; you’re getting a team committed to getting you the compensation you deserve. Don’t navigate this difficult time alone. Call us today at 334-452-4000 and let Those Thumbs Up Guys® take it from here.