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Hurt in a Car Accident?

If you were hurt by someone else's reckless behavior, you may be entitled to compensation. Let those Thumbs Up Guys® fight for you!

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If you or someone you love was seriously injured by a careless driver, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Don’t let an insurance adjuster pressure you into signing away your rights with a lowball offer. Get a team of experienced car accident attorneys on your side today.

Our Demopolis, AL, car accident lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law are those Thumbs Up Guys® who know how to build your strongest possible case and fight for your right to compensation. Call us at 334-452-4000 or fill out our online form to get your free case review today so that we can start working on your case now!

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Getting the help you need to seek a fair settlement has never been easier. You don’t even have to leave your home to get a free case review today!

You Have the Right to Compensation

You deserve to be fairly compensated for the injuries and losses you have suffered. Our team of car accident attorneys will fight for you!

You Owe Nothing Unless We Win

At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, we work on contingency. This means there’s no charge for your case review and no fees at all unless we win your case.

We Understand What You’re Feeling

Getting hurt by a reckless driver can turn your life upside down in an instant. You’re dealing with constant pain that makes you unable to work while the medical bills are piling up. Insurance adjusters won’t stop calling you to try and pressure you to accept a lowball settlement that won’t even cover your losses. You know you deserve fair compensation, but you may not know where to turn.

That’s why our team of Demopolis, AL, car accident lawyers is here for you. We treat everyone who walks through our doors like a member of our family and we don’t like to see anyone suffer. We’re those Thumbs Up Guys® who will take over communications with the insurance company. We will gather all the documents and evidence we need to build the strongest case possible. We will fight to seek the maximum compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, and emotional injuries you have suffered. Rest assured, your safety and recovery is the priority when you have those Thumbs Up Guys® on your side.

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5 Star Reviews Great Lawyers!

I was nervous about calling an attorney, but these lawyers were great. They really worked to make sure I was okay and that everything got taken care of. If you need help, call Floyd Hunter. They really care!!!

-Martha W.
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5 Star Reviews Exceeded Expectations

The Floyd Hunter law firm exceeded my expectations as a firm, with their professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

-Kedra W.
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5 Star Reviews Compassionate Team!

I had never experienced a car accident with major injuries. Floyd Hunter Law Firm walked with me every step of the way. They care about their clients and I can’t thank them enough for the outcome!

-Linda J.
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5 Star Reviews Very Reliable

My aunt used this law firm and it helped her by securing the compensation she needed to move on from an accident. They are very reliable and a blessing.

-Breunna E.
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5 Star Reviews Wonderful Lawyers

Wonderful lawyers, extremely helpful staff. Made an already terrible situation much less stressful. 

-Jakovia D.
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5 Star Reviews Professional & Honest

I would recommend the Floyd Hunter law firm! The attorneys and staff are good, professional and honest.

-Nakemya B.
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5 Star Reviews Respectful

Floyd Hunter is a great law firm! The team treated my family with respect and did a great job with the representation of my case.

-J. Long
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5 Star Reviews They Fight to Help You!

The Floyd Hunter team is very professional and I highly recommend them to represent you. Floyd Hunter is there to help you and will assist you in any way needed. They will fight to help you win your case, call today if you need assistance.

-Joycelyn D.
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5 Star Reviews Professional & Supportive

I strongly recommend this law firm. The lawyers are professional and supportive and will make sure you will be treated right. If you were involved in a car wreck and need a lawyer that will help make sure you receive the proper settlement, Floyd Hunter is the way to go. I am one satisfied client!

-Jerome S.
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5 Star Reviews 5 Stars, Hands Down!

Why would anyone even trust anyone else! 5 stars, hands down!

-Jodie W.

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Do I Have a Case?

Everyone who gets hurt in a car accident wants to know if they have a case. The simple truth is, if you were seriously hurt by someone else’s reckless behavior, you likely have a case. You should always reach out to a qualified Demopolis, AL, car accident lawyer like those Thumbs Up Guys®. We have covered a wide variety of injury cases in our combined 80 years of experience in car accident law, but here are a few types of accidents and injuries we sought compensation for:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Poor road conditions
  • Unsafe weather
  • Texting while driving
  • Other types of distracted driving
  • And more

The legal time limit for filing a claim is called the statute of limitations. In Alabama, this time limit is two years from the date of your accident. In most cases, you must submit your claim by this deadline or else you will not be eligible to receive compensation.

The legal term for determining who is at fault for your accident is “negligence.” In order for you to receive compensation, we will need to establish that the other driver acted irresponsibly, their actions led to the accident, and that you were hurt because of the accident.

If you have questions about whether you have a case, our experienced team will look at your case to see if it qualifies. Get started today for a free case review to find out if you have a case and how much your settlement may be worth!

Were You Seriously Hurt in a Car Accident?

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else, you have rights. Those Thumbs Up Guys® are here to fight for the settlement you deserve for your injuries.

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What Compensation Can I Recover?

When you’re hurt in a car accident in Alabama, you may be entitled to significant compensation for all of your accident-related losses. This includes doctor bills, medication, medical procedures, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional trauma, and more.

It’s vital that you have a qualified attorney in your corner to have your best chance at the maximum compensation possible. Alabama has a strict contributory negligence law, which means if you are found to be even one percent at fault for the accident, you may not be able to get compensation at all. Those Thumbs Up Guys® build your strongest possible case to seek you the compensation you deserve.

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How Can a Lawyer Help?

In Alabama, it’s important to have a car accident attorney in your corner. Not only can an attorney seek compensation you may not have known you could get, but they will build your strongest possible case to fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. The insurance company will try to put some of the blame on you since they know that if you share any blame, they don’t have to pay.

Your Demopolis, AL, car accident lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law can fight back and hold the right people responsible, giving you the best chance at the compensation you deserve. The process of navigating the injury laws in Alabama can be confusing. Our attorneys can guide you through.

What Comes Next?

Contact our team of auto accident attorneys today for a free case review, either in person or on a video chat from the comfort of your home. Those Thumbs Up Guys® are experienced in car accident cases and are ready to hear your story and help guide you through your next best steps.

Your Floyd Hunter Injury Law attorney will put together documents and evidence so you have your best chance at the maximum settlement you can receive.

Your attorney will negotiate your case and take over communicating with the insurance company. This process can take some time, but we will keep you informed the whole way.

It’s rare that a car accident case goes to court in Alabama. If we do need to take your case to court to seek the compensation you deserve, we will handle the court case on your behalf so you can continue to focus on your recovery.

Once a possible settlement is agreed upon, your car accident attorney will ensure that you receive your check as quickly as possible so that you can focus on recovery with the resources you need.

Seriously Hurt in a Car Accident? Call Us Today!

Contact us today and our team at Floyd Hunter Injury Law will start fighting for your rights and seek compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered due to a careless driver.

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Car Accident FAQ

When you’ve been in a car accident, the first thing you will want to do is call the first responders immediately. Receive medical attention even if you don’t feel hurt, and file a police report that you can refer to later. Then, you will want to document the scene in detail, exchange information with the other driver, and get contact information from witnesses. Finally, call a qualified car accident attorney like one of those Thumbs Up Guys® so we can begin protecting your rights immediately.

You are not required by Alabama law to have an accident attorney, but the legal process of seeking a fair settlement is complex and confusing. If you want your best chance at receiving the maximum compensation that will cover your losses, hiring a dedicated team of attorneys like our team at Floyd Hunter Injury Law is crucial.

You are never required to speak to an insurance adjuster. Actually, it’s in your best interest to simply refer the insurance adjuster to your Demopolis, AL, car accident lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law. The adjuster’s job is to get you to sign off on a lowball offer, and if you do, you could lose your right to compensation. Instead, let us deal with them and protect your rights on your behalf.

Every case is unique. Some are easy and settle quickly. Some can take a very long time. It can be difficult to have patience while negotiations go on, but we will be there to protect your best interests and be by your side. We will keep you informed the whole time and work as quickly as we can while seeking maximum compensation.

The vast majority of cases don’t go to court, because that’s not in anyone’s best interest. It’s expensive and all-or-nothing. If negotiations break down and we do need to go to court, however, we will still be there to fight for you to ensure you are seeking the maximum compensation you are legally owed.