Floyd Hunter’s Young Drivers Guide


Learning to drive is an exciting time in a teen’s life. The feelings of liberty and independence that follow can be exhilarating. At the same time, these newfound freedoms come with a great deal of responsibility.

There are more distractions in our daily lives than ever before, and these distractions can easily lead to accidents with tragic consequences.

Parents and teens should share this guide, and discuss the valuable information inside. Talk about the risks. Talk about responsibilities. Talk about how to prevent accidents. Share this guide. Pass it along—so we can build safer roads together.

Are you invincible? No. But, when you’re in your teens, you may feel as if you are. However, one small mistake behind the wheel can potentially change your life—and the lives of others—forever.

With this in mind, the attorneys at Floyd Hunter Injury Law have prepared this informative guide for both teen drivers and their parents. In it, you will find valuable information on getting started as a teen driver, the best ways to prevent an accident, what to do after an accident, how to respond if you have been injured, and much more.

Download your guide today. And we hope you Drive Safely… and Stay Accident-Free.