Montgomery Wrong Diagnosis Lawyers 

When visiting doctors with a health concern, patients have the right to expect that their condition will be accurately diagnosed. The Medical Misdiagnosis Lawyers at Floyd Hunter Injury Law are aware of how frequently diagnoses are incorrect or too late.

Instances occur when a patient has very general symptoms and a diagnosis might not be easily discernible, yet a doctor inaccurately diagnoses the patient instead of determining the actual diagnosis.

These are the circumstances where patients may face serious consequences, sometimes death, as a result of a wrong or delayed diagnosis.

Wrong diagnosis cases make up 46% of the medical practice claim industry. Due to the frequent nature of these cases, it is imperative that doctors and other medical practitioners stay updated with current recommendations and screening tests. Screenings are ways to detect problems before they become exacerbated and dangerous.

Without proper attention to preventative measures like this, patients will be diagnosed with their illnesses once they are further along and in potentially very dangerous situations.

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