What You Need To Know About Alabama’s New Seat Belt Law

September 11, 2019 TV Appearance
Attorney Steve Floyd on Alabama Live News set

A new Alabama seat belt law went into effect on September 1, requiring all passengers to wear seat belts. Attorney Steve Floyd recently joined Alabama Live host Tonya Terry to discuss the law and the alarming statistics that demonstrate why buckling up saves lives.

What Was the Inspiration for the New Law?

As Steve stated, the law is named after former star Montgomery high school basketball player Roderic Deshaun Scott. Roderic tragically died in an accident in 2016. He was in the back seat and not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

Roderic was only 17-years-old

Therefore, the new law was implemented in hopes that no one will have to go through the pain and trauma Roderic’s family continues to feel. Ideally, the law will help save lives.

How Many People Die from Not Wearing Seat Belts in Alabama?

According to The Center for Advanced Public Safety at the University of Alabama, 366 of the 743 fatal accident victims in 2018 were not wearing seat belts. It is alarming the nearly half of all victims were not wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Ultimately, their lives could potentially have been saved if they had worn a seat belt.

Why is Wearing a Seat Belt Effective in Preventing Injury & Fatalities?

Do I Need to Wear a Seat Belt on a Short Drive?

As Tonya mentioned, some people may have a false sense of security if they are driving a short distance, and think they don’t need to wear a seat belt.

But, did you know that the majority of fatal crashes occur 25 miles from home at speeds of 40 mph? 

Above all, it’s incredibly important to remember you should always wear a seat belt, no matter how short a distance you are driving.

Won’t Airbags Protect Me in an Accident?

People may think that airbags alone will help protect you, but they are only effective if you are wearing a seat belt. Without a seat belt, you will be ejected from the vehicle.

You should think of an airbag as an additional layer of protection.

What Should You Do to Encourage Seat Belt Use?

It’s important to lead by example, especially as a parent or grandparent, and always wear a seat belt. You should also never start driving unless all passengers are buckled up.

We hope that by following the Alabama seat belt law, everyone will be safer. Together we can save lives in Alabama.

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