Watch Attorney Mike White Share Insights on Alabama Dog Bite Accident Laws

February 16, 2018 Dog Bite
Attorney Mike White Discussing Dog Bite Injuries On The Local News

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States every year. Although it may be hard to believe that dog attacks are such a large problem in the U.S., Floyd Hunter gets calls regularly about Alabama dog attack injuries.

With February being National Responsible Pet Owners Month, attorney Mike White appeared on WAKA CBS 8 and WBMM CW 22 with host Olivia Deas to share helpful information about dog bite injuries and Alabama laws.

With millions of dog attacks happening each year, there are many serious dog bite injuries that need to be medically treated. However, treating a dog bite is not that simple. The cost of treating dog bites is very expensive, costing approximately two times more than a normal injury-related hospital stay. This means that the average cost of a dog-bite related injury is approximately $18,200.

What makes matters even more complicated is that often, dog bites can lead to infections. Each year, 900,000 dog bites become infected. Dog bite-related infections can occur months after a surgery was performed to repair a dog bite injury, leading to more complications down the road. With mounting medical costs and lost wages, who is responsible for the costs of a dog-attack related injury?

The Owner/ Keeper is Responsible If:

  • The injured person did not provoke the dog
  • The injured person was not trespassing
  • The injured person was on the dog’s owner’s/ keeper’s property or had just left the property and was chased off it by the dog

Alabama uses a combination of Strict Liability and the One Bite Law in dog attack cases. The dog owner, or the person responsible for keeping the dog, is responsible for the costs of the injury, including medical and lost wages. This applies even if the owner did not know his or her dog had aggressive tendencies or if it was the first time their dog was aggressive.

Some breeds are more aggressive than others. Pitt bulls are responsible for 77% of fatal dog attacks. The next leading breeds in terms of fatal attacks are Labradors (10%), American Bulldogs (6%), German Shepherds (6%) and Rottweilers (6%).

As Attorney Mike White and Show Host Olivia Deas discussed, although some breeds are inherently aggressive, they become even more dangerous if they are not trained properly or are purposely trained to be aggressive.

We all love our pets. It is tragic that dog bite injuries and fatalities occur as often as they do. That’s why, as a dog owner, it’s important to understand the current Alabama dog bite laws, the reasons why dogs attack and how to try to prevent dog attacks from occurring.

What Could Cause a Dog to Attack?

  • A dog is possessive of property (toys, food, space, owner, person)
  • A dog is fearful of strangers and unfamiliar situations
  • A dog is in pain
  • A dog has strong maternal instincts towards her puppies
  • A dog is startled by someone jogging or cycling

What Can Pet Owners Do to Help Prevent Dog Attacks?

Set a Containment Policy

  • Make sure you have a secure way to keep your pet on your property
  • Consider adding a physical fence or an invisible fence on your property
  • If you do have a physical fence, check to make sure there are no vulnerable areas
    • (holes or areas underneath that your pet has dug up)
  • If you do not have a fence, you must take your dog for regular walks using a leash at all times

Train Your Dog

  • In order to reduce any behavioral problems, work on training your dog or take your dog to a trainer
  • Make sure that they know basic commands such as sit, stay, stop etc.

Socialize Your Dog

  • Regularly take your dog out to parks and around the neighborhood
  • This way, your pet can engage with other humans and pets in a safe way and become more comfortable

If you own a dog, it is important to have homeowners or renter’s insurance as a liability in case a dog attack occurs on your property.

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