Montgomery Surgical Mistake Lawyers 

Surgical mistakes can happen even during the most common and simple surgeries. They cause approximately 250,000 deaths a year, ranking third in leading causes of death in the US.

The Most Common Surgery Errors

  • Wrong Site – Surgery performed on the incorrect organ or incorrect part of the body
  • Wrong Patient – An operation is performed on the wrong person
  • Infection – Infections caused by the use of unsanitary equipment can have severe and lasting effects on a patient with an already compromised immune system.
  • Surgical Instruments Left in Body – Not all hospitals require instruments to be counted before and after surgery. This leads to the possibility of an instrument being left inside a patient. This can lead to complications and infections for the patient post-surgery.
  • Damage to Internal Organs – When an organ other than the one being operated on is injured during surgery. Organ walls are very delicate and easy to puncture if not extremely careful. Obtaining additional injures like these during surgery can have long lasting detrimental effects.
  • Nerve Damage – Nerve damage caused by incorrectly administered anesthesia.

No matter how routine a surgery is, we know there are always risks associated. Most patients elect for their surgeries, but even those who don’t are aware of these risks and have the right to expect to survive the procedure without additional harm or death.

The surgical mistakes that you can take legal action against are the mistakes that are considered to be outside these known risks. Surgical mistakes are avoidable and absolutely unacceptable when they occur.

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