Summer Driving Safety Tips

Attorney Steven Floyd Discusses Summer Driving Tips On Local Television

The summer is the most dangerous time to drive as more and more people are out on the roads, enjoying the beautiful weather and traveling for vacations, day trips, BBQs and more. In fact, nearly 116 fatalities occur each day during the summer months. In honor of National Roadside Safety Month, attorney Steve Floyd of Floyd Hunter recently joined WNCF ABC 32 host Andrew James to discuss summer driving safety tips.

The summer months can be especially dangerous for teen drivers. Steve mentioned that the period of time between when school lets out and when school resumes is often referred to as the “100 Deadliest Days.” Approximately 1,000 teens have died in car accidents during this time period, and nearly 60% of these accidents are caused by distracted driving.

With this in mind, what can drivers do to keep safe on the roads this summer?

Before heading out for a road trip, afternoon at the lake, or even a quick errand —always keep safety in mind.  By following these tips, hopefully, drivers of all ages can stay safe on the roads this summer:

  1. Keep Your Vehicle Serviced

Make sure your vehicle is routinely serviced—with wipers, tires and brakes in good condition. Pack an Emergency Roadside Kit with cell phone chargers, flashlights, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, water, snacks and blankets.

  1. Wear Your Seat Belt

“Kids learn more by watching you than by what you say,” Steve noted. He encouraged parents to make it a habit of wearing their seat belts to teach their children by example. With so many injuries and fatalities occurring to those who were not wearing seat belts, it’s important to always buckle up.

  1. Avoid Speeding

Adhere to the speed limit while driving. When speeding, you do not have as much control of your car, making abrupt stops difficult. Make sure there is also sufficient space between your car and the car in front of you. Never follow too closely.

  1. Never Drink & Drive

Many summertime events involve drinking—and buzzed driving is drunk driving. Never risk your life or others by assuming you will be fine. If you need to, call a car service, have a designated driver or stay overnight where you are.

  1. Avoid Distractions

Distractions contribute to a majority of accidents. Parents should limit the number of people teen drivers have in their cars and set up auto text alerts when they drive. Spending time in the car with young drivers also helps teach best practices.

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