Man Charged for Drugged Driving Accident in Montgomery

January 29, 2018 Car Accidents
Man Taking Prescription Drugs While Driving Stock Photo

Justice has been served for the family of a slain Alabama Department of Transportation worker, who was killed by a drunk driver late last year. The man responsible for the accident has been formally charged with the tragic crime.

Three ALDOT employees were struck by a driver who was under the influence of an illegal drug and was driving in the wrong direction. Sadly, one of the ALDOT workers lost his life from the injuries he sustained in the Montgomery, Alabama car accident. The other two ALDOT employees did not sustain fatal injuries.

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According to, 11.8 million people drove under the influence of an illegal drug in 2016. Driving under the influence of illegal substances seems to be a topic that is not talked about enough, but it is extremely dangerous, given the variety of substances out there and varying effects on driving.

Marijuana often slows down reaction times, cocaine can cause reckless driving and sedatives cause extreme drowsiness. Those who take drugs may mix multiple illegal substances, or even mix with alcohol, which significantly increases the potency of the concoction and dramatically alters a person’ s behavior.

Due to the prevalence of mixing illicit drugs with alcohol, drugged driving can be difficult to identify. If a driver’s BAC level is above the legal limit, police typically will not also test for other substances as well.

Drugged Driving Statistics

The bottom line is that no one should do drugs, much less get behind the wheel after doing so.

If you do, your bad decision puts your life, and the lives of other innocent people on the roads at risk. It’s not “no big deal” or “fun” to drive under the influence of drugs. It ruins lives and kills people, as in the case of the fatality in Montgomery, Alabama.

Although the man responsible for the fatal car accident was formally charged, nothing can reverse the damage and bring him back to his loving family and friends. That’s why it is so important to know the risks of drugged driving and avoid it at all costs.

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