Local Motorcycle Accident Reminds Us To Drive More Aware Around Motorcycles

July 27, 2017 Motorcycle Safety
Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident with Pickup Truck

Motorcycle accidents are a frequent occurrence on our roads. A motorcyclist has a higher risk of being severely injured and they do not have the same protection as a driver in a car or truck.

Summertime months are the most popular months for motorcycle riders, so it is important to be aware of their presence on the road around you.

A recent motorcycle accident reminds us of the dangers bikers face on the roads. The motorcyclist was traveling westbound when he collided with a Toyota. The Toyota was traveling eastbound and turning when the collision occurred. Motor vehicles taking a left hand turn are one of the most common ways in which a motorcycle accident happens.

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This is a tragic reminder of the importance of sharing our roads safely. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you arrive safely to your destination:

  • Look for blind spots – Make sure to check twice for smaller vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. Due to their size they are harder to see in your blind spots.
  • Always signal – Make sure to always properly signal prior to making a turn or switching lanes to alert all motorists. Especially look out for bikers when making turns.
  • Be cautious when passing – When passing make sure to signal and give lots of room before returning to the lane.
  • Give motorcyclists space – Allow more space between you and the motorcyclists around you. Strong winds can cause your car to veer into another lane unexpectedly. Make sure to never tailgate another driver, especially motorcycles in case of a sudden stop.
  • Be extra cautious when turning left – A majority of bike accidents occur when a driver is making a left hand turn and does not see the biker due to a blind spot. Use more caution when making a left hand turn.

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