Local Family Remembers Devastation of Distracted Driving Accident 

February 28, 2019 Distracted Driving Accidents
Woman Texting While Driving Stock Photo

Looking at your cell phone for just a second instead of paying attention to driving and traffic signs could completely change a person’s life forever. That is what happened to one family in Montgomery who were driving to lunch one day in February of 2012, when a distracted driver blew through a stop sign and crashed right into the side of their car.

Everyone in the car suffered from serious, and unfortunately some fatal, injuries. The driver suffered from a broken collarbone, and her mother was paralyzed from the accident. Tragically, the driver’s father passed away from his injuries a few weeks later. The couple had just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary.

The family’s life is torn apart as they grieve the sudden loss of a father and husband. The mother, who was once very active, must depend on her children to take care of her as she is an incomplete quadriplegic.

This heartbreaking story gives a look into the real impacts of distracted driving, and hopefully, makes Alabama drivers understand that even a split second of driving distracted can have serious and irreversible consequences, with the emotional and physical pain lasting for years after the accident.

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Alabama is one of the most dangerous states in terms of the number of car accident fatalities in the country. Let’s take a closer look.

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