How Dangerous is it to Drive in Alabama?

January 7, 2019 Car Accidents,Infographic
Dangers of Driving in Alabama Infographic

You may hear stories about car accidents on the news, or you may have unfortunately been involved in one. But do you know how dangerous it really is to drive in Alabama?

We’ve collected the latest data about accidents on Alabama roads and created an infographic which illustrates some startling facts every Alabama driver should know.

Check out our latest infographic and learn about:

    • How Often Accidents Occur in AL
    • When Most Accidents Occur in AL
    • What Your Chances Are of Being Involved in an Accident in AL
    • How Many Fatalities There Are Each Year in AL
    • What Alarming Fatality Statistics Alabama Ranks for in AL



Alabama has “won” many dubious national distinctions for car accident fatality rates, which are unsettling. We can’t have any more negative rankings.

We have a duty to work together to make Alabama roads safer.

Each time you get behind the wheel, you have control of your actions and can be a responsible driver. In our infographic, discover our five simple and impactful tips that you can start using today to be a safer driver.

Share this infographic with family and friends and have a discussion about how you can change your habits and impact others to be safer drivers.

Together, we can help move Alabama forward in a positive direction, reduce accidents and save lives.

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