Grants Awarded to Alabama Institutions in Effort to Reduce Traffic Accidents

September 20, 2018 Driving Safety
Married Couple Riding In Car Together Stock Photo

Sizeable grants were recently awarded to important Alabama institutions in an effort to help reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities and raise awareness about safe driving.

Almost one-million dollars’ worth of grants were recently awarded to the Southeast Alabama Highway Traffic Safety Office. The office helps support law enforcement efforts in 15 southeastern Alabama counties, including Montgomery.

The purpose of awarding the grants is to crack down on common causes of accidents, including speeding and driving under the influence. Therefore, the grants will be used to help fund law enforcement presence in areas known for speeding and impaired driving, especially during high-volume travel times and holidays.

Another important announcement in driving safety is that the University of Alabama and Auburn University will be working together to gather data on traffic accidents and promote safe driving. The government awarded 2.8 million dollars in grants to make this initiative possible.

The grants are steps in the right direction, and hopefully these programs will help to prevent accidents from occurring and make Alabamians more aware of how common traffic-related accidents are, and that something must be done to ensure families don’t lose loved ones to tragic accidents that could have been avoided.

However, it’s vital to remember that it’s up to you to make a difference. You have the responsibility to be a safe driver and make smart choices on the roads. By making better choices and taking time to learn more about driving safety and educating others, you are doing your part.

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