Floyd Hunter Awards Scholarship to Winner of Essay Contest

September 24, 2018 College Scholarship
Megan Butler - Floyd Hunter Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Megan Butler of Wallace State Community College Hanceville for winning the 2018 Floyd Hunter College Scholarship Essay Program. Megan is a Sophomore English major, and her thoughtful and gripping essay about the dangers of texting and driving told the story of first-hand experiences herself, friends and family members had with texting and driving.

The repercussions of being involved in such accidents, either as victims or the responsible party, have stayed with them. These experiences have taught important lessons about avoiding texting and driving, and encouraging others not to engage in this behavior that puts lives at risk every day.

In her essay, Megan made an important point about how many people feel they are invincible. She shared that, no matter how many stories they have heard about the horrific injuries and even fatalities that can result from texting and driving accidents, people still think it will never happen to them.

Megan went on to aptly express this by stating, “Short of experiencing the pain and suffering themselves, whether it be caused by them or to them, some people will never learn to listen to the wisdom of others who have been through those experiences.”

As for what you can do to help convince others to stop texting behind the wheel, Megan had this to say:

“All that the rest of us can do is try to convince people of how wrong and dangerous texting and driving can be. All we can do is call out people who text and drive when we see them do it and try and be the best example we can be.”

In her essay, Megan also provided other ways to potentially reduce texting and driving accidents. Megan stated that law enforcement could be stricter with enforcing no texting while driving.

However, she mentioned that the mindset of most people who text and drive is that it is not dangerous, and they often risk being pulled over for texting and driving time and time again. This is why it is important to change how people perceive the very real dangers of texting and driving.

We value Megan’s essay on the dangers of texting and driving, her perspective on this major national issue and her input about how to prevent it. Prevention starts with each individual person taking ownership of his or her actions, leading by example and imparting wisdom to others to be safer drivers.

At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, we are passionate about education and giving back to the community. We have awarded a $1,000 scholarship toward Megan’s tuition.

Fun Facts About the Winner:

  • Majoring in English with the hopes of eventually compiling and publishing books of poetry, as well as fiction novels
  • Her favorite class this semester is World History I
  • Plans to transfer to Athens once she finishes her two years at Wallace

Congratulations Megan, and we wish you luck on a great year at Wallace State, and success in all of your future endeavors. Keep writing!

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