Failure to Yield Causes Van of College Students to Overturn on the Road

December 6, 2017 Car Accidents
Yield Road Sign Stock Photo

Imagine driving on the road when suddenly, a car crashes into you, and in a split second, your car is upside down on the asphalt. For students and coaches at Emory University on their way to a recent track meet, this was their reality.

A van carrying the team of college track runners and coaches overturned on a road on Friday afternoon. The cause of the accident was a driver that failed to yield.

One of the young athletes was injured. Fortunately, the rest of the team and coaches walked away shocked, but physically unscathed.

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According to Drive Safe Alabama, 19,309 crashes were caused by a failure to yield to the right of way in 2013. Failure to yield accounted for approximately 15 percent of all crashes in the state that year, and 76 of those crashes were fatal.

In fact, Alabama is among the top five states where failure to obey signs is a main cause of fatal accidents.

On the national level, failure to yield accidents are even more common. In the U.S., more than 33 percent of all crashes occur at intersections where drivers stop, but do not yield. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also reports that more than 40 percent of these failure to yield accidents at intersections result in death.

Take the Time to Read the Signs

On the roads, common culprits of these accidents are people who are in too much of a hurry or are distracted, and skip over stopping and yielding properly. To keep yourself, passengers and others on the road safe, remember to slow down, stop and yield to those with the right of way.

Always pay attention to signs to determine who has the right of way, and drive defensively. Others on the road may not be as vigilant, and you can’t make predictions about what other drivers may do.

That is why to be safe and follow the law, you must slow down at intersections, follow yield and stop signs and survey traffic before resuming driving.

To help remember who has the right of way, check out the simple intersection checklist from

Making a Right Turn

  • Be on the lookout for bikers and pedestrians before turning
  • Yield to vehicles that are driving straight

Making a Left Turn

  • Remember that approaching vehicles that do not have yield or stop signs always have the right of way
  • Yield to vehicles that are driving straight
  • Yield to cyclists and pedestrians that are traveling across the street

By following this checklist, you can help prevent accidents from happening and save lives.

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