Montgomery Dram Shop Litigation Lawyers 

Dram shop is a legal term that refers to a bar, tavern or establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Dram shop litigation refers to laws governing the liability of these establishments. In a drunk driving accident, the person operating the vehicle is held responsible for the crime committed, but those who serve the driver can also be held responsible.

In the state of Alabama, it is illegal to sell alcohol to minors or to someone of age that appears to be intoxicated. If an establishment violates any of these conditions, they can be held accountable for damages – as well as have their liquor license revoked.

There is a statute of limitations that sets a deadline for a person filing a dram shop litigation against an establishment. The statute requires a case to be filed properly within 2 years of the date of the injury.

There are multiple ways to prevent intoxicated customers from being served:

  • Properly train employees in responsible alcohol service and how to identify an intoxicated customer.
  • Do not allow entrance/service to a visibly intoxicated customer.
  • Make sure to carefully control the amount of alcohol being served.
  • Develop clear policies and procedures for all employees – make sure to support an employee’s decision to cut-off a customer.

Properly monitoring tables where alcohol is being served and making sure all employees are checking customer’s ID’s is important in protecting your establishment. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, let Floyd Hunter Injury Law help you get the compensation you deserve. Call Floyd Hunter Injury Law for a Free Legal Consultation at 334-452-4000, or contact us by filling out the Free Consultation Form below.

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