Do You Have a Game Plan to Avoid Drunk Driving on Super Bowl Sunday?

January 30, 2018 Car Accidents
Super Bowl Food Stock Photo

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, people will soon be watching the big game, feasting on wings and ice-cold beer and cheering on their favorite team. According to Statista, approximately 111.3 million Americans watched the Super Bowl last year, and the massive viewership is expected for Super Bowl LII.

Most viewers will visit the homes of friends and family members for parties, or go to local bars to enjoy the game. Therefore, the number of people on the roads before and after the game increases significantly.

The Super Bowl is also one of the biggest drinking days of the year, and it is estimated that Americans will consume 325 million gallons of beer during the big game. While there is no harm in enjoying yourself during the Super Bowl, the increase in consumption of alcohol and the number of people on the roads also increases the risk of drunk driving accidents.

  • The Super Bowl ranks #4 of the top 10 worst days to drive during the year
  • Drunk driving incidents increase by 22% on game day
  • For states and regions with their team in the game, the number of drunk driving incidents increases dramatically
  • Being on the roads on Super Bowl Sunday is more dangerous than normal

There are many precautions that people can take to help prevent drunk driving accidents. The number one is to never drink and drive. Buzzed driving is drunk driving, so it is better to be safe and never get behind the wheel.

Let’s check out some tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about staying safe on Super Bowl Sunday:

Have a Designated Driver – Make sure to have a sober designated driver before going to the game. Plan this ahead of time.

Use Car Services – A safe car ride is only one click away! Don’t risk your life or the lives of others, just use a car service to make sure you and your friends get home safe.

Take Public Transit – On Super Bowl Sunday, look into using a train, bus or subway to get to your destination.

Pace Yourself– In between drinking alcohol, make sure to alternate and drink water, and make sure to eat to help absorb the alcohol.

Phone a Friend – If you need a ride home and a friend or family member is sober and can pick you up, give them a call.

Report It – If you see a drunk driver on the road, immediately call the police.

Have a Super Bowl Sleepover – If you feel as though you need to stay at a friend or family member’s house after drinking, sleep it off and leave when you are sober in the morning. If you are hosting a party, make sure no one drives home drunk.

We hope that everyone has fun watching the Super Bowl and enjoying the company of friends and family. Don’t let a terrible decision ruin your life or the lives of others. Following the tips outlined above can help ensure you can focus on having fun and being safe!

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