Passengers Have Rights When Injured In Car Accidents

June 29, 2017 Car Accidents
Photo Taken From The Backseat Of A Car

Last week, a single-vehicle accident occurred on Alabama Highway 169 when the driver lost control of his vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was traveling north on Highway 169 when he veered off the road and overturned his vehicle.

His passenger was partially ejected from the vehicle and later died due to his injuries. Passenger rights in motor vehicle accidents are just as important as if one negligent driver hit another driver. Speeding, drinking and drugs are all said to be factors in this tragic accident. The driver has been arrested and charged with reckless murder.

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Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents like these happen far too often. A common misconception among these types of single-vehicle accidents is that a passenger in a vehicle, who is injured due to the fault of the driver of the vehicle, cannot sue the driver due to the “guest passenger” statute in Alabama.

However, there are exceptions to this statute if the driver is guilty of wanton conduct which includes the following:

  • If the driver is under the influence of either drugs or alcohol
  • If the accident can be attributed to excessive speeding
  • If the accident can be attributes to reckless driving

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