Montgomery Child Injury Lawyers 

Each year, thousands of children sustain accidental injuries ranging from mild to severe. A majority of these injuries are due to the negligence of others or by a defective product. It doesn’t take but a split second for a child to be left unattended to end up in a harmful situation. When a child is injured or killed in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, those who caused the injury could be held liable.

In the state of Alabama, an action must be brought within two years from the time of the injury or when the injury was discovered.

A majority of the time, child injuries are preventable – approximately 12,175 children die each year in the United States from an unintentional injury. Each day your child is put in a situation that, if not properly supervised, could result in an injury, including:

  • Drowning – occurs due to negligent supervision, lack of safety in order to prevent a child from drowning; proper water safety, swim lessons.
  • Playground Injuries – usually occurs as a result of negligent ground maintenance and old/rusted equipment.
  • Daycare Injuries – usually occur when staff is negligent in proper child supervision.
  • School Bus Accidents – usually occur when the school bus driver and other motorists are negligent, defects in bus products, lack of proper maintenance.
  • Bicycle Accident – usually occur due to negligent maintenance of bike paths, defects in products, and distracted drivers of motor vehicles.

A majority of these injuries are preventable with proper adult supervision. If your child was injured due to negligent supervision, call the Montgomery child injury attorneys at Floyd Hunter Injury Law for a free case evaluation. Our experienced child injury lawyers will work with you to bring justice to your child.

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