Bike Safety Infographic For Cyclists & Drivers

June 18, 2019
With summer around the corner, many people enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather. This means more people will be out riding their bikes on trails, in neighborhoods and on the roads. Unfortunately, thousands of bike accidents occur each year, which is why it is critical that cyclists and drivers understand the risks a... read more

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How Dangerous is it to Drive in Alabama?

January 7, 2019
You may hear stories about car accidents on the news, or you may have unfortunately been involved in one. But do you know how dangerous it really is to drive in Alabama? We’ve collected the latest data about accidents on Alabama roads and created an infographic which illustrates some startling facts every Alabama driver ... read more

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Evolution of Motorcycle Helmet Safety Infographic

August 14, 2018
The motorcycle helmet has evolved dramatically from its early beginnings as a simple flat cap in the 1920s, made popular by Marlon Brando in the 1950s. Throughout the years, an emphasis on safety, coupled with changes in technology, have created more sophisticated and durable motorcycle helmets. Today, augmented reality is ... read more

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