Boating Safety Tips for the Summer Season

June 12, 2018 Safety
Attorney Mike White Discussing Boating Safety On The Local News

With summer around the corner, many people will soon enjoy time out on the open water in their boats. Unfortunately, this popular summer activity can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken.

Attorney Mike White of Floyd Hunter Injury Law recently appeared on WAKA CBS 8 and WBMM CW 22 with host Olivia Deas. He discussed the prevalence of boating accidents and how to avoid them.

Mike began by addressing the following, troubling statistics about boating accidents:

  • Nearly 600 Americans die each year in boating accidents
  • In 2016, drowning caused nearly 80% of all boating fatalities
  • Approximately 90% of drowning victims did not wear life jackets

“People just assume because you can get on a boat, you don’t need to swim,” Mike said. “Don’t just assume you’re going to be fine falling in water.” Mike went on to explain how falling in the water can be incredibly dangerous. That is why it is important to keep the following safety tips in mind.

Wear a Life Jacket

Wearing a life jacket is a simple—yet incredibly important—action that can save lives. Noting that it’s not enough to just have life jackets, Mike stressed boaters need to ensure all passengers wear them.

Get Licensed

One major contributor to boating accidents—something many take lightly—is lack of experience. Those operating boats should have a boating license, which requires a test of operator skill.

Stay Sober

Alcohol use often contributes to nearly half of all boating accidents. Make sure to never overindulge. Avoid drinking on the water—especially if you are at the helm of the boat.

Avoiding these common causes of boating accidents helps keep you—and others around you—safe. As a boat owner, you may be liable if people are injured. Enjoy your time on the water, and avoid accidents that could potentially negatively change lives.

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