Be Careful When You Pass an Accident on The Road

September 21, 2017 Car Accidents
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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents today. This past weekend a multiple vehicle accident caused one death and many injuries. And as that accident was being dealt with by authorities, other multiple small accidents happened due to drivers gawking at the original accident scene, and not paying attention.

We are reminded of how far a car can move in mere seconds. For example, if a car is moving at 40mph and its driver looks away for 30 seconds, the car has moved 1770ft. It is important to stress how seconds can be life-changing when in a car.

There are many forms of distracted driving that are the cause of thousands of preventable accidents each year. Distracted driving includes:

  • Texting & driving
  • Talking on the phone & driving
  • Personal grooming while behind the wheel
  • Any activity that causes a driver to look away from the road
  • Drinking & driving, or driving while under the influence of drugs

One of the main distractions most drivers face while behind the wheel of a car are mobile devices. Cell phones are constantly lighting up, receiving alerts, texts, emails, other notifications, and messages. Texting and driving puts the driver at risk, but also passengers and all other drivers and pedestrians on the roads.

The National Safety Council has reported that 23% of car crashes, or 1.3 million per year, are caused by cell phone calls or texting. These numbers are incredibly high, especially for a cause that is completely preventable.

At Floyd Hunter Injury law, see the devastating effects of distracted driving every day. No matter what, choose not to use your mobile device in any way when you are driving. It’s that simple. Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. And be considerate of those around you.

Here are a few helpful safety tips that can help all Alabama drivers. Please follow these tips when getting behind the wheel:

-Silence your phone and keep it out of reach: Keep your phone on silent and out of sight. This will help reduce the temptation to check your messages, emails or social media while driving.
-Pull over: Pull over to a safe area in a parking lot or on the side of the road if you need to spend any time on your phone.
-Be Prepared: If you need directions somewhere, put the destination address in your GPS device or cell phone before you start driving.
-Utilize passengers. If traveling with someone else in the car, have them make calls or respond to any messages for you. You can also have them assist with navigation.

There is nothing on your phone that is worth losing your life or the life of another over. Do not text and drive, do not talk on your phone and drive, do not drive distracted. By following these guidelines, we can all do our part to make our roads safer.

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