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Were You Hurt on the Job?

If you were hurt on the job, you have rights and the Thumbs Up Guys at Floyd Hunter Injury Law can help.

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A work-related accident is an event or exposure to something in your work environment that causes an injury or illness. 3.7 Million people are hurt on the job a year and it is important that you know your rights. For the most part, these accidents are physical, but in some cases, they can be psychological. In both instances, there must be proof that the injury happened at work or was caused by the work environment.

According to the latest Travelers Injury Impact Report, the top five workplace injury claims are as follows:

  1. Strains/ Sprains
  2. Cuts/ Punctures
  3. Contusions
  4. Inflammation
  5. Fractures

This Travelers’ report also lists the top five causes of work-related accidents:

  1. Material handling
  2. Slips, trips, and falls
  3. Being struck or colliding with an object
  4. Accidents involving tools
  5. Trauma occurring over time

What to do once you’ve been in a workplace accident

  • Report the injury to your employer.
  • Make sure your employer files a report, obtain a copy of this for yourself.
  • See a company approved doctor. Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. If given work restrictions, make sure to have the doctor give you this in writing.
  • If you belong to a union, make sure you have made them aware of your injury.
  • Keep a written record of events, when you were injured, report to employer date, doctor’s visit, etc.

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