Alabama Mother Makes it Her Mission to End Distracted Driving

October 15, 2018 Distracted Driving
Girl Using Cell Phone While Driving Vehicle Stock Photo

Could you imagine saying goodbye to your son or daughter before work, and never seeing them again? This is the tragic reality for Michelle Lunsford of Alabama, whose 17-year-old daughter Camryn died from the impact of crashing into a tractor-trailer on her way home from work one fateful night this February. The cause? Distracted driving.

While suffering from immense grief, Lunsford is committed to honoring her daughter’s memory by dedicating her time to educating others about the real dangers and devastating consequences of distracted driving.

After learning about the effectiveness of Georgia’s hands-free law, which makes it illegal to hold your phone while driving, Lunsford is working with Alabama lawmakers to implement a similar, hands-free law to reduce distracted driving, and ultimately, save lives.

After the implementation of the law this July, Georgia has seen an 11% decrease in traffic fatalities compared to last year. This is no small feat, as the decrease represents the most significant reduction in traffic fatalities in 10 years.

Although unfortunately, it is too late for Camryn, her mother does not want any other parents’ worlds torn apart from the crippling devastation of having to bury their child, all due to a preventable, but common, mistake.

Adults and teens alike are guilty of distracted driving, but the risks of being involved in accidents are higher for teens due to their lack of driving experience.

In fact, approximately 11 teens die from texting and driving every day. Just think about their grieving family members and friends the next time you try to text or look at your phone while driving.

Check out this video where Attorney Jeff Hunter speaks about the dangers of distracted driving, and what you can do to prevent it, and save lives.

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