Our client was struck and severely injured by a speeding 18 wheeler truck, Floyd Hunter won a $2 million settlement to compensate her for her injuries as well as assure her future care. Continue Reading


We won a $1,750,000 settlement in a wrongful death truck accident case for our client. Continue Reading


Our client was struck by a speeding driver who was traveling at more than 90 miles per hour. Our client was  seriously injured in the accident. At Floyd Hunter Injury Law, we fought the insurance company and won a $1.26 million settlement on behalf of our client. Continue Reading

Why Rejecting Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Could Hurt You

October 18, 2018
Being in a car accident can be a very traumatic and scary experience, especially if you are injured. What can make the experience even more stressful is if you were hit by a driver without insurance or with very little insurance. You’re in a panic, wondering how you can pay for doctor’s visits, afford to […] Continue Reading


Our client called an ambulance for her mother who needed immediate assistance, but failed to transport her to the ER in a timely fashion. Her mother suffered due to the negligence of hospital staff. We won them a $1.25 million settlement. Continue Reading

Alabama Mother Makes it Her Mission to End Distracted Driving

October 15, 2018
Could you imagine saying goodbye to your son or daughter before work, and never seeing them again? This is the tragic reality for Michelle Lunsford of Alabama, whose 17-year-old daughter Camryn died from the impact of crashing into a tractor-trailer on her way home from work one fateful night this February. The cause? Distr... read more

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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents, Trick-or-Treaters and Drivers

October 11, 2018
Halloween is only a few weeks away, and soon children will be dressing up as their favorite characters and participating in the exciting tradition of trick-or-treating. Although this is a fun time, parents, trick-or-treaters and drivers alike must be careful to ensure Halloween night doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Attorn... read more

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Our client was hit by an 18 wheeler truck when he was driving. The truck driver was texting on his mobile device, and not paying attention to the road. A Floyd Hunter Injury Law attorney won a $1 million settlement to compensate him and to help with his future needs. Continue Reading

Don’t Downplay the Risks of Drowsy and Aggressive Driving

October 4, 2018
The University of Alabama Birmingham conducted research over the course of a year about the most dangerous driving risk factors. Among the main risk factors is the most common distracted driving example, texting and driving, and a less talked about distraction, driving with children. The study also cited aggressive driving ... read more

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Our client was severely injured when the vehicle she was in was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler truck. Floyd Hunter won our client a policy limits settlement in the amount of $836,582.04 to compensate her for the negligent actions of the truck driver. Continue Reading