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In 2013, the car I was driving was rear ended by a tractor trailer in Montgomery. In the vehicle with me, were four other members of my family. There was not much damage to the rear of my car. When I asked the insurance company of the tractor trailer to compensate me and my family for our injuries, they refused. I guess they did not think we were hurt because the damage to my car was not that bad. But I have had to have neck surgery as a result of my injuries. I hired Jeff Hunter to be my lawyer, and he filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer. Jeff fought hard for me and my family, and we ended up receiving over $295,000.00 in a settlement. Without Jeff Hunter representing us, we could not have received such a great settlement. Jeff Hunter cares about his client, and wants to get them as much money as he can. I highly recommend Jeff Hunter if you need a personal injury attorney. - Natoyah Y
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